Am I a Feminist?

You have a chocolate ice-cream and a strawberry ice-cream in front of you. Which flavor would you pick? Both ice-creams are edible, fully grown for your taste buds. No matter what flavor you choose, there will be no penalties. The decision is on you, and the outcome will be a grand party in your tummy. But picture this: there are fifteen more flavors added, including cookie dough. Oh, that cookie dough. Now what will you choose? I guess I should leave you with more time.

I guess that’s the thing with Feminism. It is sometimes defined two-dimensionally. You either go with chocolate ice-cream, or you go with strawberry ice-cream. But the thing is, the movement itself cannot be defined in such a way.

Feminism is the rays of color that you missed on the rainbow. It seems like people tend to be afraid to see these colors because our society would rather accept the more familiar colors over the unfamiliar. It is in the human nature to be cautious of things we are not accustomed to. But let’s face it. It is time that we tell ourselves that yes, Feminism is important. And no, there is no gender equality today.

Feminism is not just defined by the people who support it and the people who denounce it. It should be what one makes of it. Of course, whatever reason one gives in supporting or denouncing this movement, there will be a political, social, and/or economic tie to one’s set of beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. But hold on. There is another curveball.

Not only is Feminism a movement of allowing women to be given more chances of advancing themselves politically, socially, and economically, but it is also a movement where women and men alike can voice their opinions and stick to what they believe in. Yes, there is the “right” and there is the “wrong”. But instead of putting ourselves back in the line by arguing over who’s right and who’s wrong, we should be pushing ourselves to jump over the boundaries history and society has set on us.

What I believe is that Feminism is what drives women together to break the so-called “invisible barrier” and have courage to do what they want and to achieve what they want in life without having to worry about any judgments. I have seen innumerable posts and comments on facebook or Twitter about what Feminism is and why it is so important today. Some say that Feminism is important because it allows women to have the same amount of opportunities that men do. True. Some say that Feminism is needed today because we should crush our opponents to be the more powerful figures in society. Eh, well, I don’t know if I agree with that statement. Feminism should not be a platform for people who want to step on others.

Women should be supporting one another. Not only that, women and men alike should be supporting each other through the good and the bad, because without the help to climb a ginormous mountain, there will be no uphill battle. There shouldn’t be any slut-shaming, or degrading the male gender (or any gender, in all cases). We women should not be trying to step on other people, no matter what gender, to rise to the top.

You see these billboards, magazines, and music videos with “Feminist” celebrities who try to encourage girls and women today to have courage and to accept themselves for who they are. But look at Beyonce, for example. She is undeniably a powerful figure, but she tells girls to be strong while whipping her hair and shaking her hips and swearing from time to time. Will that be how young girls see Feminism as? No, we need to see more reality. We can’t all be Beyonce. We don’t all have millions of fans who will support us no matter what the cost is.

A lot of women today always compare themselves to each other based on what they say, how they, act, how much they weigh, what their body shape is, what they wear, and a whole lot more. How are we to overcome even bigger barriers such as unequal pay when there is this constant pulse of comparison to each other? We should be supporting each other rather than trying to put each other down. I know that today, competition is even fiercer and that selfishness is the common factor that drives people to the front of the line. I get that sometimes we need to be tough against one another. But I believe that we cross the line when we slut-shame and call each other names. This name-calling gives other people the excuse to keep acting inappropriately. No, women are not sluts. No, women are not objects. And no, women are not b**ches. We are just citizens of the world whose opinions, just like anyone else’s, matter.

So, regarding my post title, Yes, I am a Feminist, and I am riding the wave of this movement.


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