Journal Entry 3: Roadmap

I write these journals in the first 10 minutes of my Writing I class at NYU. I thought the readings/articles were very intriguing and the journal prompts were also really interesting, so I thought why not post my thoughts on the blog while I’m at it? And these are written in 10 minutes so they might sound very first-draft-esque, my apologies.

Based on:
(cool fact: Zadie Smith teaches at NYU!)

Prompt: “I make the road, I draw the map. Nothing just happens to me. I’m the one happening.” -Denis Johnson


The thing about our generation today is that we try to be defined by labels, or, at least, we unconsciously let the world define us by labels. Either way, it has become ever more difficult to find a balance of listening to the static sounds of our surroundings and trying to find individuality within a pretty homogenous world.

It’s repeated often times that we should be who we are and not be afraid of the consequences of being a free soldier. The truth is, not many people have the option to be free. Sometimes, freedom is more illusory than it is real. Especially during the time of the tech world where the internet rules our identity, it’s hard to find the truth of who we really are. On your Facebook page you say that you like Justin Timberlake but most people like his page because he is a mainstream figure with almost 40 million likes. I mean, everyone falls victim to the current of mainstream culture, no doubt.

The most important thing, I believe, is to realize that only you have the power to create your path. Like Denis Johnson says, he makes the road, he draws the map. You are the cursor that moves on your Facebook page that decides how to portray your real and/or hidden identity. The huge factor to remember is to maintain who you are and try to preserve it even when others have forgotten how to do so.

It is the beauty within the act of being unique and true to oneself that makes me believe that our generation is not completely controlled by the internet.


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