Journal Entry 9: Unseen to the Eyes

I write these journals in the first 10 minutes of my Writing I class at NYU. I thought the readings/articles were very intriguing and the journal prompts were also really interesting, so I thought why not post my thoughts on the blog while I’m at it? These are written in 10 minutes so they might sound very first-draft-esque, my apologies.

Prompt: “I’m invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” -unknown.


I think there is a difference between being seen and being understood. To be understood, outsiders must read the entirety of your book, not just the cover, introduction, or the summary of it. Or else, whatever they say about you will be assumptions, not truths. I think that that is the problem behind the lack of solutions being produced today. Just because we read an article about an issue or watch a news channel for ten minutes does not guarantee full understanding of a subject.

Teenagers also often say that they feel invisible because they are not understood by their parents, teachers, and peers. The thing is, people are not immune to attention and they never will be. Because attention makes people feel more important and more included, it is more desirable. When the attention dissolves, people not only go back into solitude, but they also tend to look for a source to blame—whether it be themselves or some outside source.

Also, do people refuse to see what is invisible? Or do people refuse to see what is invisible by inevitability?—because look at it this way: what is invisible cannot be caught by the eyes, which is why people don’t pay any attention to it. That is why people who feel invisible must act, too. They need to stop relying on outside forces for guidance anymore. Words can only go so far. Action is the stepping stone to being seen.


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