Here’s to Friends, New Year at NYU


So I just started my new year at New York University. I’m now a sophomore! The “wise fool”, the person who thinks she knows everything around campus, but it’s New York City so there’s an infinite amount of things to explore…There’s still so much to do!

Oh, and I just turned 20, so it was a big change. It’s that stage where you’re saying, “I’m almost there! But not really!” You know what, though? I really think time flies. Last time I checked, I was moving into a freshman dorm. Now, I’m more relaxed, more worried about internships and my career. But most of all, I’m building foundations that are important to me: having people that I care about and who can return my love. My friends are great, and I hope I can make even more through more activeness on campus this year!

Just wanted to post this because I started watching Friends on Netflix, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made…but since I’m loving the show I end up sleeping a little too late. But hey, I get all my homework done, so Friends is probably a treat I give to myself.

But I hope people will come visit my blog again and I’ll be more active. I think this year, I want to write more about the university and the city. Maybe a prospective NYU student will come across my posts and fall in love with the school just as much as I have.

Here’s to a great start to sophomore year, and I wish every best luck to all students across the world :)! Education is important!


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