Keeping Up With Instagram

Let’s just start with an introduction that should relieve any of you that think this blog post is going to be about bashing Instagram and any social media outlet for “ruining” my life. That is an incorrect assumption. Whatever we have decided to condemn should always be traced back to the individual; I think that in the case of people who hate on social media should ask themselves why they’re using it in the first place. Of course, there are those that do not use any outlet of social media and condemn it, but there are those who live with social media and don’t mind it at all. We’re all different.

social media gif

Now, going back to why I’m writing this post… Well, I was inspired to write about friendships—old and new, but more of the old—by an Instagram post my high school friend posted a few days ago. It just reminded me of how high school friendships have dissolved, in my case. Of course, it’s just a few of people that I’ve lost connection with—whether that be initiated by me or them. But it’s just hard because not only did it awaken me from the life I am leading now, it took me back several years to that moment where I am reminded why and how we became friends in the first place. I hope, whoever is reading this, can take solace in the fact that it’s only natural that relationships fade. Think of it as Sharpies. No matter how permanent you think it is, the words you have scribbled disappears slowly.

Okay, I don’t want to make this post about regrets and nostalgia, because I have none. That analogy, I have to admit, sounds very sad but I am the opposite of sad: liberated.

We wouldn’t understand loss without love.

Honestly, after trying to write about this for a couple days, I think I shouldn’t really waste time on it. But in a period where I have to rest from reporting, I need to just keep writing and develop my own voice on the Internet. So I’m writing this post to reassure myself as well as others who have been feeling left out or have been feeling a little sad about friendships.

It happens to everyone. There are more than 7 billion people in the world. There will be even more by 2030, I believe: about 9-10 billion people. We will go to places, meet new people, form new relationships that can range from acquaintance to romance. There will come times when we will feel, as individuals, alone in this crowd of people like a tree in the dead of winter. I mean, Chandler felt that way, too. Look:friends gif

But I think there’s no way to feel the reality of loneliness and/or loss of friendship(s) without the acknowledgement of there being the relationship in the first place. We wouldn’t even know what it feels to be alone without being surrounded by so many people. We wouldn’t understand loss without love.

I think that wherever my friends—old and new—end up, I will wave farewell to some, and tell see you again to many. The thing I’m held up on is that I never realized I would be the one who would have a hard time reconnecting with my high school friends. This realization goes on to show that if you really want something, you make it happen. Maybe deep down, I didn’t see the friendships lasting. Or maybe it’s me moving to a different state after graduation that’s making it difficult for this reconnection. But I’m at a place where I don’t want to be the only one trying because I’ve tried, and I honestly don’t have the time to focus on making sure my past is in good condition. I’ve got a gift right here, at this moment: the present. And that’s what I’ll focus on.

I want to say that Amy Poehler sums up everything:

best in the world gif

What I got away from Amy’s brilliance is that as long as I know that I am me, that I trust in myself to love me fully, I won’t feel so alone. And I’ve got a great family who is there for me 24/7, as I for them.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!


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