How to Be Single: Movie Review

single life

So I’m writing this post as I’m listening to Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld.

And it’s on repeat.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day!! And Happy Galentine’s Day to you, too!

Honestly though, I feel like I’m expected to make up some excuse as to why I’m single and staying in tonight. Here’s one: IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE IN NYC right now. And I have no excuse as to why I’m single and I see no reason why I should have one because I love the fact that I am just myself and—Okay, it’s harder to explain it. It’s a feeling rather than a reason as to why I like being single.

We shouldn’t be showing any kind of micro-aggression that pressures people to feel like they are being interrogated. And nope, I’m not accusing anyone of something that they didn’t commit. This one guy who works at the dining hall, though, asked me why I’m eating at the dining hall on Valentine’s Day. He said that I should be outside, eating a salad.

Hmm. Let’s say that I saved him from a lecture on feminism and my belief in not needing anybody or following a protocol defined by social construct to define a certain day. Today is like any other day for me. I went to the library to do some work I’ve been putting off for a few days. And I shouldn’t have to feel like I am bitter about being “alone”. Me, Myself, and I, I always say. That’s all I need to be sure of what I want in life, and if some people have a hard time believing that, so be it. I know what I want. Everyone is different!

I know what some of you may be thinking: That I might be jealous of those who have significant others to celebrate today with. Like I said, Me, Myself & I. That’s all I need for now, seriously! And I mean that with zero amount of animosity.

What I like about nowadays is that, ever since the rise of feminism, Valentine’s Day has made people like me focus on appreciating the “self”. And I think How to Be Single does so well in portraying.

The movie released on February 12th starring Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann, and Alison Brie.

I LOVED IT. I would go back and watch it again, but I lost my free tickets. I swear I misplaced them somewhere, but I’m too tired to look for them in my 4-person suite. But in truth, I would recommend this movie to anyone. Whether you are single or taken, or are 40-years old or are a teenager, it doesn’t matter. Actually, yes, it does matter if you are underage; it’s rated R. (Please be responsible!)

Here are some of the reasons I loved the movie so much:

  1. The movie definitely had feminist undertones.
  2. The sisterhood in the movie reminded me so much of my relationship with my sisters. I miss them a lot 🙂
  3. Speaking of which, it also had very strong female leads.
  4. All the actresses gave stellar performances of the characters they were portraying.
  5. And speaking of feminist undertones, the movie didn’t make it seem too overbearing and political.
  6. Rebel Wilson’s unfiltered lines!! “Dicksand”. Watch the movie and you’ll understand.

More than that, I think that the movie (it was originally a book) was an ode to people who feel pressured to be with someone. Now, especially in a technological age where anyone can meet everyone, someone who enjoys solitude seems to be synonymous with a recluse. But at the end of the movie, where Dakota Johnson’s character finally comes to terms with being single and finding out that there’s nothing wrong with it, comes to show that all of us, no matter the gender, should stop being so hard on ourselves for being single. We are who we are. And don’t let any type of stigma stop you from doing being true to yourself.

#SelfLove 🙂


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