Is this boardwalk close enough to Cali?

I remember in early June, I would keep talking about how I miss NYU and how I would love to have school start again. Many times, I would fast forward to late August, when I’ll be able to move into my new dorm. “Let the classes begin!” I would shout to myself, my thoughts echoing in my head. But little did I know that time seriously does fly. I always thought it was just a saying, but upon experience, I got played. It’s already mid July, and my eagerness to return to school has died down significantly.

That aside (because I know come August, I’ll be putting off packing for move-in day until the last minute) I wanted to share some pictures I took on my trip to Ocean City, New Jersey. Although the visit lasted one day, and even though Ocean City was a stop on our way to Cape May for our annual family July 4th trip, I’m glad we were able to visit.


I don’t know if it was the several small amusement parks that lined the boardwalk, or if it was the weather, but the Ocean City Boardwalk was something that I have always seen in movies or television shows. If I could be in California, I think this would be what it would look like – to some extent. I haven’t been to the west coast in a while, either, so all my perceptions of Cali is through screens and magazines.

Ferris wheels are my favorite, due in part to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’ve only seen the movie just once, and I can’t really say that it’s my favorite. I don’t remember most of how the storyline plays out – but I do remember the scene (or scenes?) where Bueller’s teacher is checking attendance and he repeats, “Bueller? Bueller?” in a monotonous, yet hilarious, tone. I don’t know how many people, how frequently, say this, but: if Ferris Bueller could be anything else in the world, it wouldn’t be a ferris wheel. It’s immobile and at a standstill. Its wheels keep on moving, but not its self. So in a way, I see a timeless clock.

I think Boardwalks often remind me of California without any reasoning behind it – except for Hollywood. Whenever I see the burned-beige wood that was once a rich brown, I think of all the movies I’ve seen in my high-school days. Do boardwalks always bring up romantic gestures and emotions? And romantic as in nostalgia, not necessarily love. I bet it’s not just me, though. Sometimes I even relate shots or scenes of boardwalks to youth. Does that make me “old”? Not necessarily, but it does make me feel a little more aged than usual. Once Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock said that people don’t grow old, but they age.


Now, looking at these pictures, I wonder how old the boardwalk actually is. I could be looking it up while writing this post for all you know. (I am not.) The unknown answer to this question also makes me like the boardwalk even more. Not because it’s more “mysterious” (it’s literally laid out on the open for people to walk all over), but because I don’t want to interrupt the interpretation that I’ve already established in my head.

One thing I noticed is how picture-worthy the boardwalk was, and I sure was obsessed with taking pictures to post on my Instagram – for later uses. But as the popular sentiment goes, I felt guilty for not enjoying the moment with my own two eyes. My iPhone camera only has one eye and it captures moments whenever I want it to. But it’s digital. I like the fact that my eyes can scan anywhere and can remember a moment in its own unique way.

I was a few thousand miles away from California, literally on the other side of the golden state. Comparisons aside, there are so many reminders of sunny goodness and the refreshing feeling of freedom that accompanies it.


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