New York Things: Central Park Visit

The weather’s been so hot recently that even wearing a tank top is making me sweat. I don’t know about you, but I believe in global warming (or climate change, whichever is preferred). And there are clear evidences of our planet warming by the year. I watched “How to Let Go of the World” by Josh Fox on HBO, and it was disheartening how badly we treat our Earth. No surprises there, though.

These pictures I took are long overdue. It was about three or four weeks ago that I took them, after having a really cute brunch with my friends. If you’re interested in the restaurant, check out Tea & Sympathy at 108 Greenwich Avenue. They serve the cutest brunches – I think all English style. The people who run the place are all British as well, I believe!

The day was so breezy and hot at the same time that it was almost nice whenever the wind softly blew past us. The not nice part came when I started sweating profusely and only my hands could act as “sweat resistant” napkins. (Not really)

My family and I took a walk in the park after I had finished my brunch, went to my internship to check some emails (it wasn’t a work day for me because it was a Sunday, but I had to desperately check in on how my interviews for an upcoming article were planning out). They were waiting outside the office building. I love it whenever my family and I have spontaneous gatherings!

As we drove around the west side of the city, upwards to Central Park, I noticed how Sunday affected city dwellers. Firstly, almost everything and everyone seemed slower and calmer. Although being slow or calm isn’t the complete synonym for the state of relaxation, I do think that city-goers and dwellers alike were outside on this hot day for a reason: to enjoy themselves and others’ presence.

And that made me wonder what these Park visitors do on a normal-day basis. What do they do for work? Where do they come from? How many of these people are actually foreign? And most importantly, who are they?

Of course, they’re all people. That part of the curiosity was fulfilled. But don’t you get excited of the prospect of how exceptional every single person can be? I believe that all people have at least one story that is special to their uniqueness.


One really fun thing was going on for sure in the Park! My family and I were walking by one of the reservoirs and we saw a group of people playing Quidditch! Ah, the sport. It’s surprising how prominent the sport is, considering the series had come to a close several years ago. The new book has come out, so hopefully Potterworld continues to be a part of everyone’s magic.

Central Park is also a magical place. There are so many undiscovered secrets in there. I mean, check out amNewYork’s piece on the secrets of Central Park. I really want to dedicate a whole day or a whole weekend doing a scavenger hunt in the Park. Wouldn’t that be so much fun? Or I’d love to bike on all the streets in the Park. Oh, the list goes on!

I could write on and on about Central Park and my love for the city that never sleeps, but I think that’s enough marveling for now! I hope people reading this new post enjoy it, and if you are a new reader, thanks for stopping by!

Hope everyone’s staying cool in this hot weather!


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